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A better Planet Because of LandVac
Compared with three-pane insulating glass, the accumulated amount of coal resources saved and the amount of CO2 emission reduced by LandVac in a year
Coal has been saved
2,011,186.98 kg
Carbon dioxide emissions has been reduced
5,729,009.75 kg

Analysis results from the simulated thermal and cooling load and annual building energy consumption of single Low-e LandVac 

compared with that of three-pane insulating glass based on typical Beijing meteorological year data. 

The calculation results are derived by using ASHRAE Standard 90.1 for commercial building

with an area of 7660 ㎡ and 10 stories above ground and 1000㎡ of glass area. 

The air conditioned areas mainly include offices and conference rooms (excluding hallways).  

The air-conditioning system employs fan-coil Dedicated Outdoor Air System with water chiller unit as the cooling source.