LandGlass offers two major series of products, namely, the glass tempering furnace and the safety vacuum insulated glass.


In LandGlass’ efficient management model, the top management team is an essential integral part of the system.
As the core strength of the Company, the team maps out many significant strategies that determine the future development of LandGlass.

Meanwhile, the Company has also set up two management committees – Technical Committee and Suppliers Committee. The Technical Committee discusses and identifies the major technical improvements, innovations and R&D of new products, ensuring the work being carried out in the right direction, while the Suppliers Committee is responsible for the selection, training, inspection, evaluation, and replacement of corporate suppliers to guarantee the quality of each and every outsourced product.


Our Team
Since its establishment, LandGlass has taken innovation as the driving force for the development of the Company which has led to its achievements in R&D and technical progress today.
Through years of efforts, LandGlass has now had a R&D team with well allocated composition in members’ age and professions. At present, LandGlass has established an enterprise technology center equipped with 20,000 square meters factory floor space for new product development and experiment - the largest facility in the industry. Furthermore, in 2009, LandGlass’ R&D technology center received provincial recognition. In 2014, LandGlass was honorably named as the “Postdoctoral R&D Base in Henan”. These achievements not only represent that the technology innovation system of LandGlass has received approval from provincial authorities, it also indicates that the Company’s capability in R&D and innovation has reached a new level!
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Worldwide network coverage with comprehensive service system

LandGlass has established a service network with worldwide coverage through technical service centers located in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, India, and Russia, allowing more timely and thoughtful services to its customers around the world. In the meantime, these existing international service network and service centers will certainly play an important rolle in the future, providing comprehensive and timely after-sales service to LandGlass’ LandVac customers.

LandGlass' customer service team is responsible for installation of LandGlass equipment and providing after-sales service. All our service personnel have received formal, systematic training in mechanical and electrical fields. We are available to help customers solve problems anywhere, anytime.


Considering innovation as the driving force of business development, LandGlass has established an industrial leading R&D center that has been recognized in Henan Province as “the Provincial Technical Center”, “the New Insulated Glass Technology and Equipment Engineering Laboratory”, “the Insulated Glass Equipment Engineering Research Center”, and “R&D Base for Postdoctoral Research”. In addition, LandGlass considers intellectual properties as an essential part in its effort to actively forge the core competitiveness of the Company. As of now, LandGlass has successfully built up its array of hundreds of national and international patents . In 2015, as milestones for the Company, it received recognition as “the National Intellectual Property Advanced Enterprise” and “Certified State Intellectual Property Management System”, indicating that LandGlass has met advanced international standards for its innovative competence and ability in IP management.


In 2012 and 2013, two of LandGlass’ core technologies won the National Patent Gold Award,
a honorable prize representing China's highest achievement in independent innovation.
It not only made history in Henan Province, but is also unmatched by any enterprises in this industry.