Robust Vacuum Glass

The surface stress of any position in LandVac tempered vacuum glass exceeds 90MPa, perfectly retaining the safety features of tempered glass against impact and wind pressure. It fully meets safety glass standards in stand-alone applications with no need for lamination.

Eco Solution

Thanks to the high vacuum interspace of LandVac, the outstanding feature in thermal insulation effectively reduces the cost on HVAC and energy consumption. In addition, the thin structure and prolonged useful life of the glass also help to save costs on transportation, installation, and replacement.

Vacuum Glass with a Style

This new light weight thin glass promises higher transmittance and improved optical transparency. With its powerful soundproof feature, LandVac brings quietness to homes by blocking the disturbance of urban noises. Its superior thermal insulation ensures interior glass surface free of condensation even when the outdoor temperature falls to -40 ℃.