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    LandVac is thin, lightweight, and safe. The remarkable performance in thermal and sound insulation makes it a perfect fit for green buildings and quality living environment. Applications: Doors, windows, curtain walls, and skylights for upscale commercial
    In addition to the excellent thermal insulation, soundproofing and condensation-free features of LandVac, its optical transparency performance makes LandVac the best choice for automobile windows. Applications: Suitable as flat window materials for automo
    The distinguishing traits of LandVac in thermal insulation and optical transparency are just right for precision agriculture. Applications: Modern greenhouse farming.
    The advantages LandVac has in energy savings, weight, thickness, safety, and condensation-free will help home appliances to upgrade. Applications: Ideal for freezers, wine cabinets, and display cases.
    The outstanding performance of Landvac allows scientific projects to be successfully carried out under harsh environmental conditions where high thermal insulation and condensation resistance are required. Applications:Lab observation windows and test cab
  • BIPV
    LandVac’s performance in thermal insulation and sloped installation makes it a perfect candidate as the lining glass in solar power generation applications. Applications: Solar photovoltaic buildings.
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High-quality Life

As people become more environmentally conscious with growing expectations on quality life, the demand for great home environment is continuously rising. Green, energy efficiency, low carbon, safe and comfortable life - are now the pursuit of many people.

Sustainable Development

In the global transition towards a green and low-carbon environment, we have seen an increasing focus on safety, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and sustainability. The development of new energy-saving materials based on innovation has become an inevitable choice for green growth as well as an important move to the realization of China’s global commitment to “Emission peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060.”

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