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LandVac · Energy Saving Windows
High comfort and low energy consumption, revealing extraordinary style and elegance in vivid detail

The ZE70 and ZE80 windows with LandVac® Superstructure technology can have a U-value as low as 1.0 W/(m2·K) and 0.8W/(m2·K)

Application:Rooflight, winter Garden, skylight, passive house, high-end villa, ultra-low-energy buildings

Energy Saving Windows

Product Model U-value of the Whole Window Window Weight per Unit Area Advantages
ZE70 <1.0W/m2·K 29kg/m2 Reasonable structure, meeting the five major requirements of the fenestration system.
Less material, reducing carbon emission in manufacturing.
Improved thermal insulation, reducing carbon footprint during use.
ZE80 <0.8W/m2·K 39.5kg/m2
LandVac · Noise Reduction Windows
Various applications with a full frequency range of noise blocking, creating a peaceful environment far from the madding crowd

The sound insulation index of the ZN2, ZN3, and ZN4 windows with LandVac® Superstructure technology reach 42dB、45dB、48dB respectively

Application: School & kindergarten, hospitals, and areas suffering from noises,like places near overpasses, construction sites, industrial zone, shopping malls, train stations and airports

Noise Reduction Windows

Product Model U-value Window Sound Reduction Index Advantages
ZN2  <1.0W/m2·K 42dB Remarkable sound insulation effect. Compared with ordinary doors and windows,
the Sound Reduction Index is increased by more than 20% in general and 50% in the human ear sensitive range in particular.
Offers thermal and acoustic comfort
ZN3  <1.0W/m2·K 45dB Outstanding medium and low frequency sound insulation, also blocks traffic noises effectively.
Offers thermal and acoustic comfort
ZN4  <1.0W/m2·K 48dB Excellent soundproofing insulation, lightweight, and cost-effective.
Airport noise reduction, customized for noise reduction in areas affected by aircraft noises.
Offers thermal and acoustic comfort
LandVac · Anti-condensation Windows
Condensation-free transparency, manifesting luxury taste and refinement in every detail

The ZA2 withLandVac® Superstructure technologycan be used as the panels of freezers, with which, the overall energy consumption of the freezer is reduced by 60%
Meanwhile, the panels did not show condensation when the temperature difference between the two sides reaching 50℃

Application: Refrigerators, freezers, vending machines, cold chains, high-end refrigeration appliance

Anti-condensation Windows

Product Model U-value Refrigerator Temperature Ambient Temperature Critical Humidity for Condensation Advantages
ZA1 <0.5W/m2·K -5℃ 20℃ 95% Reduce the number of fridge cycle times,Energy saving,
Anti-condensation in extreme conditions
25℃ 94%
30℃ 93%
ZA2 <0.43W/m2·K -20℃ 20℃ 93%
25℃ 92%
30℃ 91%
LandVac® Superstructure
Integrating thermal bridge blocking, sound damping, and isotherm optimization technologies

Given the structural characteristics of LandVac® , with the integration of thermal bridge blocking, sound damping, and isotherm optimization technologies, LandVac® Superstructure enables LandVac® to give full play to the best thermal insulation, noise reduction and anti-condensation performance

LandVac<sup>® </sup> Superstructure

As a leader in the field of systemic solutions for high-performance glass products and a company that has years of technology accumulation and technical advantages in building energy conservation, noise reduction engineering, and optimization of cold-chain efficiency, LandGlass has established collaborative relationships with a number of major domestic architectural design institutes, acoustic research institutions, well-known international refrigeration research institutions, and other related associations. By providing them with comprehensive systematic solutions, LandGlass aims to improve energy efficiency and quality across industries and sectors for a sustainable and better future. 


Energy efficient building envelope solution for architectural design institutes


Condensation-free solution for a cold chain appliances R&D center


Comprehensive noise reduction solution for a major international auto maker