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Solutions | 2019.07.04
Vacuum Insulated Glass



Vacuum Insulated Glass

II、Product description

In the agricultural field, vacuum insulated glass is mainly used in the greenhouse planting industry. It allows for excellent daylight with light transmittance up to 80%. It has good anti-condensation performance with a condensation probability of less than 10% in an extreme environment. One of its most strong properties is thermal insulation performance. Vacuum insulated glass can not only reduce conduction but also convection and radiation, so as to keep the greenhouse cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In addition, vacuum insulated glass used in the agricultural greenhouse project also provides benefits such as long service life, non-polluting, energy-saving, and aesthetic appearance. This new glass material has emerged in the greenhouse industry in various countries. Its development will also promote the advance of science and technology and the rapid growth of new agriculture.

III、Performance parameters

The product performance parameters vary depending on its specific configuration. Taking VIG with laminated glass, for example, the parameters are as follows:

VIG with laminated glass

Visible light transmittance (%)

Thermal transmittance U (W/m2·k)

Shading coefficient (Sc)

Total solar energy transmittance (g)