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Vacuum Insulated Glass | 2018.08.24 | 1517
How do you determine the effectiveness of vacuum insulated glass?

As we all know, the lifespan of vacuum insulated glass is as long as 25 years and above. To determine the effectiveness of vacuum insulated glass, it is mainly dependent on the “performance” of its vacuum chamber.

Since the existence of the vacuum chamber is a distinctive feature as compared with the other glasses, the visualized and simple feature after a vacuum insulated glass is found to be ineffective is The peeling off of a large volume of micro-supportive pillars due to the leakage of the vacuum chamber. The ineffectiveness of the vacuum chamber will cause the vacuum insulated glass to become ordinary double-pane glass, resulting in a substantial reduction of its thermal and sound insulation effects. At this moment, make a comparison of the thermal insulation and sound insulation effects between this glass and insulating glass and you can tell whether the vacuum insulated glass is ineffective or not.

LandVac® vacuum glass uses flexible sealing materials. In the environment where there is a big difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature, it weakens the shearing force of the sealing area and overcomes the ineffective sealing issues relating to brittle sealing materials in the same circumstances. At the same time, the internal highly efficient getter can maintain a high vacuum level within the inside of the glass in a long-term manner, significantly reducing the ineffectiveness of the vacuum insulated glass in a harsh environment and enabling its lifespan to prolong to 25 years and above.