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Vacuum Insulated Glass | 2019.06.18 | 1416
Application of Vacuum Insulated Glass in Military Field

With the reinforcement of energy conservation and emission reduction around the world, as well as the growing demand of people for the quality of life, the vacuum insulated glass has found a wide range of applications in architecture, home appliance, transportation, and other civil fields. Meanwhile, the outstanding performance of vacuum insulated glass in thermal insulation, noise reduction, condensation resistance, and wind resistance make it a perfect fit for many military applications such as border posts, barracks, and a great number of military equipment including military vehicles, naval ships, aircraft, battle tanks, and submarines to improve soldiers’ working, combat, and living environment, enhance the protection of military equipment, and fighting force. It has great development advantages and potentials in the military field.


As the leader in the vacuum insulated glass industry, LandVac has been successfully used in various military projects, making its contributions to the national security with its excellent properties. In a national defense research project conducted by the National University of Defense Technology, LandVac helped to prevent the occurrence of condensation under the special condition with 70℃ of indoor and outdoor temperature difference. By allowing observing the data clearly under such condition, it guaranteed the smooth operation of the experiment. The winter temperature for a border post in Hunchun, Jilin can be as low as 30-40 degrees below zero. The extended service life and high wind resistance properties of LandVac effectively helps to prevent heat loss and window condensation. It brings the indoor temperature up by more than 10℃, greatly improves the combat and living environment as the force multiplier.


Thermal insulation, noise reduction, condensation resistance, tempered safety, lightweight structure, good for various environments, and ultra-long service life, all these properties of LandVac have ensured a great performance of it in barrack construction, military vehicles, and R&D for national security purpose. The winning of the silver medal at “The Third China Dual-use Technological Innovation Application Competition” indicates that LandVac products have been recognized by the Chinese military and will step into the national defense application area to make its contribution to national security! In the future, we will continue our endeavor for the rise of China and do our best to strengthen the national defense and security!