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Basic Knowledge | 2019.04.12 | 1192
Applications of Vacuum

Vacuum Applications in Our Daily Life

Since the discovery of vacuum, from the vacuum flask in the early days to the vacuum pasteurization, or CRT tube manufacturing, or vacuum packaging today, vacuum technology has had a very wide application area and become an indispensable part of our daily lives. 

Vacuum Applications in Aerospace Industry

The significance of vacuum technology to the aerospace industry is the simulation of the outer space environment as launch vehicles, satellites, manned spacecraft, space stations, space probes, space shuttles or other space vehicles are all operating in a natural vacuum of the universe during the flight. 

As such, in addition to directly dealing with the space vacuum environments, they are also exposed to solar radiation, variously charged particles, and extreme temperature changes. These external factors could cause change or damage to the material properties, malfunction of sensitive instruments, endangering the proper operation of the vehicle, and the safety of the astronauts. Therefore, it is necessary to establish ground experimental devices and facilities that can simulate space environment in-universe. The safety of the spacecraft and astronauts can only be properly ensured when the vehicle passes all the ground simulation tests and is successfully debugged under the simulated working conditions and characteristics of the space environment to reduce potential risks in the flight. For these purposes, many simulation facilities of different kinds have been built on the ground.