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Group News | 2020.01.21 | 683
LandGlass Successfully Held the 2020 New Year Party
On January 19, 2020, gathering together the Company’s leaders, staff members, and many business partners, LandGlass held the New Year Party.


Working together with renewed vigor and unity, we are ready to embark on a new journey in 2020. On January 19, 2020, gathering together the Company’s leaders, staff members, and many business partners, LandGlass held the New Year Party to review achievements in the past and look into the bright future of the company. 


Starting the meeting with cordial greetings to all staff members, Mr. Zhao Yan, the Chairman and General Manager of LandGlass reviewed and affirmed the achievements of the company in 2019 while encouraging them to address new challenges with the utmost confidence and courage in 2020.

In this year, We made major breakthroughs in the fields of glass tempering furnace, LandVac, and intelligent factory, Reaching the pinnacle of the world’s leading technologies.


Launch of the new generation UltraJet series glass tempering furnace


Full upgrade of Cyclone series glass tempering furnace


Introduction of the overall solutions for intelligent processing and smart factory


Grand opening of LandVac Tmall store


LandVac used at Erlitou Museum, witnessing the past of ancient capital - Luoyang

In this year, We made extensive efforts to strengthen our team construction and actively fulfill our social responsibility!


Entering into a project cooperation agreement with a renowned university


Launch of LandGlass online education through the E-learning platform


Initiating the LandCampus student financial assistance program


Organizing summer camp to assist and inspire needy students

In this year, We were devoted to products innovation and enterprise management.  Our achievement was unanimously approved by the industry and authorities.


LandGlass was named once again as the provincial “Hi-tech Enterprise”


More than 20 academicians and experts with the “2019 Empower the High-Quality Development of Private Sector with Science and Technology - Academicians’ Luoyang Tour” program visited LandGlass to conduct an on-site survey.


LandGlass participated in Glass Performance Days (GPD) and made a presentation at the seminar, standing at the forefront and leading the industry


LandGlass won the “20-year Contribution Award” of the Chinese Silicate Society

LandVac was successfully selected into “2019 Guangdong green low-carbon building technology and product catalog”


LandVac was awarded as the AAA Grade green building material - the highest level of green building materials certification, and the Three-Star green building material mark evaluation certificate.

Together with other high-rank leaders at the scene, Mr. Zhao awarded the individuals and teams who made significant contributions in the past year, encouraged them to continue building on the achievements, and called on all staff to learn from them.


The presentation was followed by party starting with the group dance “Dragon Drum”.  The unique choreography, spectacular performance, and visual impact, along with the random distribution of New Year red packets generated applause and cheers continuously in the venue! The party was concluded with the enthusiastic chorus “Me and My Homeland”.









After over 20 years of development, LandGlass has grown up with strong self-confidence! In the new year, we will continue to move forward by focusing on both current and long-term development, promoting innovation-based breakthroughs, and implementing the new measures of management.  In 2020, let us work together with renewed vigor and unity towards new achievements!