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Group News | 2016.10.28 | 514
LandGlass at GLASSTEC 2016

The 4-day GLASSTEC 2016 event was rounded off successfully in Düsseldorf, Germany on September 23. As a global industrial major event held every other year, GLASSTEC 2016 attracted over 1,000 exhibiting companies from more than 50 countries and regions and over 40,000 professional participants to show their achievements, exchange experiences, and procure equipment.


For the first time, LandGlass presented both of its core products at this largest and most influential international glass technology expo: LandGlass’ Cyclone series JetConvection furnace and fully tempered vacuum insulated glass – products that bring a technology grand feast to the global glass processing industry. To better demonstrate the superior energy efficiency of its fully tempered vacuum insulated glass, LandGlass prepared a showcase displaying the evolution from regular clear glass, Low-E insulated glass, triple-pane Low-E glass, to LandGlass’ LandVac: Using heating unit to maintain the internal temperature of the enclosure, the measured external surface temperatures of the four different types of glass products intuitively reveal the excellent thermal insulation properties of LandVac. To the surprise of the visitors coming to experience the product, the surface temperature on LandVac at the scene was almost 6 oC lower than triple-pane insulated glass! In addition, the test results just released by third party laboratories of Europe and U.S. provided the quantitative description of LandVac’s outstanding performance:The test indicated that the U-value of LandVac was as low as 0.40W/m2·K while wind-resistance was up to 7200Pa; based on China’s national classification standard for wind-resistance of external doors and windows, LandVac has achieved the highest class 9 standard, manifesting the superior performance of LandGlass’ fully tempered glass - LandVac.


As the renowned leader in glass tempering technology and equipment manufacturer, LandGlass’ booth drew as always many customers worldwide to inquire information on Cyclone series and has certainly become the focus of much attention at this expo! Since the launch of Cyclone series, several dozens of equipment have already been successfully placed in service in China and more to be put into operation overseas. The outcomes of their operation attract extensive attention of in the industry. To take as an example the Spanish customer whose equipment will soon go into production: The flatness and surface quality of the double silver coated Low-E glass tempered in Cyclone series glass tempering furnace significantly exceed their existing tempering equipment. The improvement of efficiency and control are beyond the customer's expectation; at the acceptance site, the customer's inspection director repeatedly expressed his praise and trust with thumbs up, he also embraced LandGlass’ field engineers gratefully. With more and more LandGlass’ equipment now undertaking production run, LandGlass has planted seeds of trust among customers worldwide. Many local companies have started to actively contact LandGlass and made appointments in advance to meet at the expo and followed up with factory visits. Statistics shows that the traffic at LandGlass’ booth boosted considerably. The traffic of customers from European region alone increased by nearly 40% comparing to Glasstec 2014 while more customers signed contract or letter of procurement intent at the scene.


After ten years of R&D work, as LandGlass’ flagship product with superior quality and intelligent characteristics, Cyclone series glass tempering furnace is becoming a decisive part for the success of glass processing industry entering industry 4.0. Meanwhile, the outstanding energy efficiency and safety features of LandVac fully tempered vacuum insulated glass are also making it the ultimate choice for high end energy efficient doors and windows. It’s being said that the hard work is rewarded. LandGlass are bravely setting the trend in the era of innovation and looking forward to a bright future!