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Group News | 2016.11.22 | 461
Debut of Fully Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass at Fenestration China 2016

The 14th Fenestration China was held at Beijing’s China International Exhibition Center from November 9 to 12, 2016 as scheduled. LandGlass team brought various fully tempered vacuum insulated glass samples to this exhibition.


Displayed at LandGlass’ booth was a showcase specially designed to reveal the outstanding thermal insulation performance of the LandVac. The device intuitively compares the thermal insulation properties of fully tempered vacuum insulated glass with single pane glass, insulated glass, and triple-pane insulated glass. The display attracted a large number of industrial professionals to get first-hand experience. At the scene, the surface temperature of LandVac fully tempered vacuum insulated glass was approximately 6 Co lower in comparison to triple-pane insulated glass, demonstrating the astonishing thermal insulation property of LandVac in thin structure.

While the safety of the vacuum insulated glass has been the main focus of the industry, fully tempered vacuum insulated glass is the ideal product desired in glass industry! However, for years, only few have attempted to make the dream come true. On November 10, to show the tempered level of LandVac, LandGlass performed a live-demonstration of shattering a piece of fully tempered vacuum insulated glass product at Fenestration China, witnessed by the industrial professionals. LandVac uses flexible edge sealing, as a result, when one pane is broken, the impact is partially released through the flexible sealing materials to prevent the other pane from breaking, which dramatically improves safety!


On November 11, the third day of the expo, LandGlass team received great news from Germany. A test conducted by IFT Rosenheim, a world famous building materials test laboratories, indicates that the U-value of LandVac is merely 0.4 W/(m2·K), significantly lower than triple-pane insulated glass with warm edge materials and U-value around 0.8 W/(m2·K). By comparison, LandVac possesses obvious advantage over triple-pane insulated glass while reducing the weight by 40%. Meanwhile, the test results from Architectural Testing, Inc. in US also show that the wind pressure resistance of LandVac is up to 7200 Pa, far exceeding the domestic windows and doors standards, demonstrating LandVac’s outstanding performance in wind resistance.


At the expo, the booths of Orient Sundar Windoor Group and LandGlass both displayed the high-end energy efficient windows and doors made with fully tempered vacuum insulated glass from LandGlass, drawing great attention from many visitors. In fact, fully tempered vacuum insulated glass features not only high safety and energy efficiency, its properties in acoustic insulation, low dewpoint, and light and thin structure also far exceed traditional glaze materials. It’s an ideal green building material suitable for applications in areas such as windows and door, curtain wall, high-end refrigerators, and vehicles. The four-day event has now ended. In case you missed this glass expo, please visit LandGlass’ official website and follow us on WeChat. A video clip about LandVac’s on-site impact test will be released soon. You’re also welcome to contact our sales team for more information of LandVac’ performance in safety, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and dew condensation resistance!