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Group News | 2017.02.07 | 437
New Year Party - “Glorious 2017”

We welcome in the Chinese Year of Rooster as we say goodbye to the year of the golden monkey. On January 23, 2017, gathering together the Company’s leaders, staff members, and representatives from many suppliers, LandGlass held the Party for the New Year under the theme of “Glorious 2017”, to review achievements in the past while looking into the future.


Beginning with a review of the laudable achievements in 2016, Mr. Yan Zhao, the Chairman and General Manager of LandGlass delivered the 2017 New Year speech with great enthusiasm: He said that thanks to the efforts and supports made by all staff members and suppliers, the company received numerous accolades in the past year from many domestic and foreign customers for the outstanding performance of its highly intelligent Cyclone series glass tempering furnace, making it a new benchmark of LandGlass in the glass processing industry. In the meantime, based on the self-developed database, the company made it possible to offer real-time equipment management and services to our glass tempering furnace users around the world. This ability has greatly improved the operating efficiency of our equipment while reducing the labor costs to both parties. Furthermore, our vacuum insulated glass production base has successfully established the manufacturing capacities for mass production of vacuum insulated glass, continuously supplying high-quality samples and products to the leading construction and appliance manufacturing companies worldwide. As the interview video played before the party shows, the vacuum insulated glass production facilities have now been developed into a modern factory with smart design attributes for Industry 4.0, laying a solid foundation for the large-scale commercialization of vacuum insulated glass. At the party, together with Director Zhu, Mr. Zhao awarded the individuals and teams who made significant contributions in the past year and called on all staff to learn from them.


After the presentation, the celebrating party started opening court dance. The party employed a kaleidoscope of art forms with splendid programs interspersed with raffle prizes, including the romantic rigadoon, interactive games, passionate folk music, and elegant Sax solo. At last, after the funny video “Let’s Rock, LandGlass” directed by the Marketing Department, the senior management team performed plank PK, driving the site atmosphere to its highest. The party concluded with the distribution of 72 red packets.





Rising like a phoenix from the ashes, through a decade of market ups and downs LandGlass has successfully built its own brand and corporate culture is now well known throughout the world. In the New Year, the staff of LandGlass shall sustain its commitment as always and strive to become the world’s leading safety glass equipment technology developer by delivering more value to our customers, by making sustainable revenue for our shareholders, and by offering more opportunities for our employees ultimately making life safer and better!