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Group News | 2018.10.19 | 423
LandVac Window & Door System attracts widespread attention at 2018 CIEHI Expo

Held from October 11th to 13th, the 17th China International Exposition of Housing Industry & Products and Equipment of Building Industrialization (hereinafter referred to as the CIEHI Expo) grandly opened at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. Bringing its fully tempered vacuum insulated glass products – LandVac® and its LandVac® Window & Door System, LandGlass was invited to participate at the expo in order to make a contribution to this year’s theme on “Green Development” and promote the transformation, upgrading, and sustainable development of China's building industry.

LandGlass had used a variety of exhibit forms such as sample display, video promotion, and on-site experience at this year’s expo to display one of LandGlass’s core products - LandVac® and its LandVac® Window & Door System, and attracted a large number of visitors to stop at our booth to inquire. The booth site was unprecedentedly flocked with visitors. Through LandGlass staff's explanation and on-site experience, customers could intuitively experience the superior performance of LandVac® vacuum insulated glass in thermal insulation and energy-saving, etc., and they were astonished by it. A customer from Hebei said the vacuum insulated glass currently used in his factory had an attrition rate exceeding 30% during transportation and operation due to its unstable performance. It was extremely bad for the company’s cost control and he was in urgent need of finding a quality-assured alternative. After listening to the introduction by LandGlass staff and the personal on-site experience, the customer highly recognized LandVac® vacuum glass’ superior performance and revealed his strong purchasing intention. In addition, LandGlass products also attracted many industry peers and experts to stop and experience. After in-depth discussions and exchanges, they expressed their glowing endorsement for our products.


Since LandVac® vacuum glass’s debut in the market, LandGlass has successfully passed the certification tests of many authoritative organizations, including ATI, ift, and ANSI, etc. Recently, LandVac® was tested by the China Building Material Certification Group (CTC). and has met the insulating glass standard applied in passive buildings; not only has LandVac® been awarded the energy-efficient product certification, it has also become a recommended product in the passive building products selection catalog. Our products are contributing exceptional efforts to the development of passive housing construction in China!


In the context of building a beautiful China and people's pursuit of green living and quality homes, huge market opportunities are presented in the energy-efficient building industry. With the backing of excellent performance, being fully tested, and completely accredited, LandVac® vacuum glass, as well as the LandVac® window and door system, can provide users with complete solutions in superb thermal insulation, noise reduction, and anti-condensation. Without a doubt, it will become the benchmark for a new generation of energy-efficient building materials! LandGlass welcomes companies and businesses interested in fully tempered vacuum insulated glass and window & door systems to contact, communicate and exchange with us on the developments and applications of vacuum insulated glass and LandVac® window & door systems in your local areas. LandGlass is looking forward to working with you to build a beautiful China, to meet people’s ever-increasing tide in material and cultural needs, and to explore the best wealth opportunities in the post-real estate era!