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Industry News | 2017.08.21 | 469
The First Passive House Developed Independently Saves 31% of Energy Consumption

The first passive apartment building located in Gao Bei Dian International Innovation Park for National Building Energy Technology has just been certified by PHI of Germany.

In recent years, in a context of rising threat from energy crisis and pollution, while energy saving and emission reduction showing the advantages, high efficient passive house has become the global trend of development for super-low energy consumption passive dwelling. The passive apartment building project at Gao Bei Dian was constructed in 2015. With 9 stories above the ground and one story underground, the building has a construction area of 8016 m2. The apartment completes the air purification and heat exchange through an integrated central system in place of traditional HVAC system. Physical simulation by PHPP application shows that all indicators of the building have met the certification standards of PHI. With overall energy saving rate reaches 91%, it reduces standard coal consumption by 87.92 tons and CO2 emission by 234 tons.

As it’s said by Dr. Feist of PHI at the certification ceremony, “The building was certified in absence of PHI technical support and constructed totally with products made in China. It means a great deal and has laid a solid foundation for the promotion of passive house in China.”  PHI is currently the most authoritative certification body for passive house in the world.