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Why should I choose LandVac for my window or door?
LandVac is the tempered VIG with the ultimate performances in safety, thermal insulation, noise reduction and free of inner condensation, compared with IG units.
What are the differences between LandVac and other Vacuum Insulated glass?
LandVac is the tempered vacuum insulated glass (VIG) sealed with flexible metal materials.
What kinds of window and door frames can LandVac be installed in?
LandVac can be installed in new window frames, almost all the existing double-glazing window frames, window restoration of historic buildings, curtain walls and home appliance doors.
Is LandVac available in special shapes?
Yes. For more specific information, please confirm with our service staff.
What are the different LandVac glass types?
LandVac can offer different product types as per customers’ requirements, such as Landvac unit with a thickness of 8.3mm,10.3mm and 12.3mm and other types like VIG plus IG as well as VIG plus lamina…
What are the available dimensions of LandVac?
Max size: 1450 x 2480 mmMin size: 300 x 300 mm