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Industry News | 2020.09.10 | 848
Glass with a thickness of 30 µm! Introducing the ultra-thin flexible glass that can withstand 200,000 consecutive times of bending

In the afternoon of September 7, the 30 µm foldable glass project CNBM glass institute held a new release, announcing the successful development of 30-70 µm ultra-thin flexible glass with mainstream specifications and a bending radius less than 1.5mm. It can withstand 200,000 consecutive bends without causing any damage. The main performance index and parameters are ranked first in China and a leading position worldwide, indicating that Triumph Science and Technology Group has acquired complete innovative technologies of UTG (Ultra-thin Glass) from “high-strength raw material formulation, clear glass sheet manufacturing, to high-precision processing and the ability to industrialize UTG independently. At present, the UTG products are undergoing comprehensive tests at renowned domestic mobile phone manufacturers for approval.

This is another major innovative achievement of Triumph Science and Technology Group following the mass production of the world’s thinnest 0.12mm ultra-thin touch screen glass in 2018 and the production of China’s first 8.5 generation LCD glass substrate developed independently in 2019. It is of significant importance concerning the security of the supply chain in China’s information display industry.