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Group News | 2017.05.31 | 461
LandGlass at China Glass 2017 (I)

On the first day of the China International Glass Expo 2017, LandGlass Technology Co., Ltd. and Fujian Xinfuxing Glass Co., Ltd, concluded a big deal of three LandGlass cyclone glass tempering furnaces, the first big win for LandGlass and this Expo.


Xinfuxing is a  high-tech company covering businesses in glass processing for high-end buildings, Photovoltaic glass manufacturing and processing, Photovoltaic power station, mining and real estate, etc.  Xinfuxing, a well-known brand, has been recognized as one of the top 30 enterprises in China’s glass processing industry for 4 years in a row.


LandGlass glass tempering furnaces and landvac fully tempered vacuum insulated glass attract great attention.


The leaders of The Chinese Ceramic Society visited LandGlass.


LandVac excels in thermal insulation and noise reduction.


Customers are strongly interested in LandGlass glass tempering furnaces.


LandVac fully tempered vacuum insulated glass stunned the whole audience with the perfect on-site fragmentation test.


Fine and thoughtful refreshments


The expo will last the next two days. Please come and explore the future of glass processing together with LandGlass