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Industry News | 2017.04.01 | 576
Transparent as Glass - JDI Announced the Development of New Display Technology

Recently, Japan Display Inc. (JDI) demonstrated its high-transmittance LCD display at “JDI Tech Expo” held in Japan. It is reported that the prototype’s size and resolution are 4 inches and 300 x 300 respectively. The technology is expected to have wide applications in Augmented Reality (AR), automobile, and smart window display fields in the future.

The newly developed transparent display achieves a high transmittance level of 80%, 1.5 times higher than the previous technology and products. The new technology allows viewers to see the background image and the displayed foreground image clearly and contemporaneously, just like watching TV on a piece of glass. The transmittance of a previous model LCD display with a polarizing plate is merely “10-30% and OLED is 45%.