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Industry News | 2016.11.29 | 479
Israeli Material Science Company Is Developing Transparent Glass Display Technol

Israeli material science startup Gauzy has just developed a new technology that can turn the transparent glass into a computer monitor screen. This innovation is based on its core technology called Liquid Crystal Controllers (LLC), which allow the opacity of the glass to be changed with minimum amount of energy. Gauzy’s technology can be applied to automobiles, elevators, vessels, or various residential windows and change the transparent glass into your computer monitor at a touch of a finger.

Mr. Peso, CEO and Co-Founder of Gauzy, together with his partner are years into development of liquid crystal sheets or films and other similar materials to what goes into LCD television screen displays. They found that the physical properties of the chemical coating on liquid crystal will be altered in response to certain magnetic fields to adjust the transmission of light. Gauzy has sold the LCD film to some glass manufacturers and taught them how to install its technology.

Gauzy expects that its technology will help to make our living environment more intelligent, interactive and diverse.