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Group News | 2019.03.29 | 477
Chairman of the Jincheng Federation of Industry and Commerce Visited LandGlass

Recently, Cheng Gangqiang, Chairman of the Jincheng Federation of Industry and Commerce and his associates, accompanied by An Shizhu, Chairman of the Luoyang Federation of Industry and Commerce and Vice Chairman of the Municipal Committee of the People’s Political Consultative Conference, Zhao Yan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of LandGlass, and other related leaders, visited LandGlass to inspect the company’s current standings in the manufacturing of high-end intelligent equipment as well as the R&D of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient new materials.


At LandGlass’ tempered vacuum insulated glass production base, General Manager Zhao introduced in details the development history, product structure, and the progress in manufacturing and sales of LandGlass’ LandVac® tempered vacuum insulated glass to the delegation. At present, the quality and stability of LandVac are unparalleled in the industry. With purchase orders from both domestic and foreign customers pouring in, the production line is running at full capacity; while the entire glass industry is generally in the buyer’s market, LandVac is often in short suppy as some of the well-known domestic and internal customers specifically want the use of LandVac product in certain major construction projects. This is not only a great affirmation of LandGlass’ products, but also represents the general trend of the global market in energy saving, emission reduction, and the pursuit of quality life!


Cheng Gangqiang, Chairman of the Jincheng Federation of Industry and Commerce and his associates highly praised and affirmed the innovation and dedication of LandGlass. They also encouraged LandGlass to make continuous efforts in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and new material R&D, to lead the industry progress and promote the industry development in the course of transforming China’s economy to a high-quality and high-valued stage!